Join our mission to help athletes build legacies for their families and the world

We harness cutting-edge technology and a network of founders, angels and venture capitalists built over a decade to enable athletes to invest in the most promising startups changing the world for the better.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Michael Jordan
A picture of the current sequel team showing Alex Macdonald and Philipp Omenitsch, seated on a sofa together. Alex is seated on the chair itself, and Philipp is seated on the armrest to his left.

About Sequel

The company was founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneurs and investors Alex Macdonald , Nick Telson and Andrew Webster. Philipp Omenitsch recently joined as Chief Technology Officer.

Our Team and Investors

Founders with $1.5b in exits

Operators who scaled $1t companies

Celebrated athletes from 6 sports

Our Offices

Our Values

We are here to win - not just to take part.

Just like our clients who operate at the elite level of sport, we understand that in order to win; we need to put in the work.

This means going the extra mile, being willing to do what others will not and holding ourselves to a higher standard. Some companies play to not lose, we play to win.

We are proactive, decisive and have the courage to take risks.

We understand in a world that is changing faster than ever before - the only constant is change.

The average lifespan of a Fortune 100 company in 1958 was 61 years, now it is 18 years.

We adapt to a changing world, constantly iterating, moving forward and staying relevant.

We are always helpful.

To customers, to partners and most importantly to each other.

Not because it will ‘pay back’, because it’s the right thing to do.

We are on a mission to build something which has never been done before from the ground up.

It will be a hard journey full of challenges which are currently unsolved.

Our culture is defined by the fact that when we are confronted with challenges, we work from the assumption that it is possible to overcome them.

We challenge each other.

Regardless of title, seniority or reporting lines.

We give feedback and we are hungry to receive it.

We value honest feedback delivered with kindness, and we value people who ask questions.

It’s not easy working in a startup, let alone one with goals as ambitious as ours.

At sequel we believe no one is ever too busy to support fellow team members and that we should always be helpful, inclusive and selfless in the way we work.

Diversity of background and thought is celebrated as we respect and appreciate what makes us all different.

We don’t tolerate free riders, egos or workplace politics.

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